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A Naturopathic Guide To Detoxification. A Revised Special 2021 Edition

Did you know that the top 10 detoxification questions people ask every month are:

1) How to detox your liver 10,100

2) How to detox your body 5,700

3) How long does it take to detox from alcohol? 4,900

4) How to detox your body from mold 4,100

5) How to detox 3,200

6) How long to detox from alcohol? 3,000

7) How to detox from weed 2,000

8) How to detox from alcohol 1,700

9) How to detox from sugar 1,600

10) How to detox from alcohol at home

…and that’s just people putting things into their bodies, intentionally for the most part, wanting to find and undo “button” or reverse the affects of too much fun.

But what about the toxins we don’t knowingly ingest or absorb?

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