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Health Benefits of CBD

CBD Oil For Health CBD Offers Many Health Benefits

I’m really excited to discuss with you my brand new hemp based Phyto-Cannabinoid product that I just introduced to my Phyto-Cannabinoid line.

Full Spectrum Phyto CBD Explained

Before we get into the specifics of this new product which I call Raw Phyto-Cannabinoid-A, let’s discuss the current full spectrum hemp extracts that I use with patients and sell through my office and on my website.  These are my Phyto-cannabinoid 600, super Phyto-cannabinoid 1800 and Phyto cannabinoid capsules.

They are all full spectrum because the plant has been distilled using an extraction process that retains all the vital components of the hemp plant.  We know that there are over 500 individual chemicals in the hemp plant itself.  The plant is comprised of various types of cannabinoids, also terpenes that give the unique aromas as well as beneficial bioflavonoids, antioxidants, polyphenols, and essential fatty acids.

CBD Distillation Process Leaves Only Trace Amounts Of THC

The distillation process has retained all of these vital components. This has been shown to be, by far the most beneficial form. It does also retain a very small amount of THC, .3% or less of THC by law. We find that this very small amount of THC, which is not psychoactive, will actually synergize and enhance the therapeutic properties of the full spectrum hemp extract.

NEW Raw Phyto - Cannabinoid A

The new form that I’d like to highlight today is called raw hemp and I’ll discuss my brand new product - Raw Phyto- Cannabinoid A.

With raw hemp, this is where the hemp plant has been processed with no heat at all but rather a cold carbon dioxide extraction process to maintain the original components of the hemp plant that includes largely something called CBDA which is the precursor to CBD.  CBDA needs to be heated or aged or in some way processed to convert CBDA over to CBD.

So raw hemp contains 99% CBDA plus all the other synergistic components or cofactors (terpenes, bioflavonoids etc) which gives rise to something called the entourage effect.

The Difference Between CBD and CBD-A 

CBD-A is the cannabidolic acid form of CBD.  The plant does not grow CBD by itself, it grows CBDA, THC-A and all the various cannabinoids in the acidic form.  In order to convert these acidic forms into the CBD or THC form they need to be decarboxylated, by removing the acidic part of the molecule.  This is done through a heating process. 

Based upon the newest research that has come out over the past 5-10 years, CBDA is very promising for many health conditions.

The research is showing that CBDA is very biologically active and is showing significant value in 4 main areas.

The first area is the anti-inflammatory effect.  It turns out that the anti inflammatory effect of CBDA is actually much more effective than CBD, this is because CBDA is being shown to be a very selective COX-2 inhibitor.  Now we know COX-2 inhibiting drugs such as Celebrex are used for pain and inflammation control so the COX-2 inhibition of CBD-A is about 100 times that of CBD.  So patients that are looking for pain control may find better effects with the CBDA over the CBD alone.  In my practice I use a lot of regular CBD for pain and inflammation control but with this new CBDA product lower doses can be used to achieve a similar effect. 

The second area that the research shows the value of CBDA is that it binds to serotonin receptors.  According to the research it does this in an extremely efficient manner.  Its almost 1000 times more powerful than CBD in binding to serotonin receptors in the brain.

This means that it can be extremely effective for supporting depression due to low serotonin levels.

We also find that CBDA also has very effective anti-nausea actions in the body by affecting these serotonin receptors since they are also found in the GI tract.

There are a lot of clinical applications being looked at for the anti-nausea properties of CBDA


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It was once thought that just the THC component provided this effect but now we are finding out that CBDA is just as, if not more effective.

Finally there are some initial studies that show that CBDA may prevent cell proliferation and migration in breast cancer.  So that means that it may prevent metastasis in breast cancer.  We need much more research on this application but preliminary research is looking very promising.

Since CBDA is in a raw form it is absorbed more efficiently than CBD.  So its action can work faster in the body than CBD.  This makes it a great treatment for acute inflammation and possibly acute bouts of depression. 

CBD is still very valuable and can be used for more chronic, long term issues or maintenance.

I’m currently using my Raw Phyto cannabinoid A along with my other Phyto-cannabinoid products for a more synergistic effect.

The big difference with the raw Phyto-cannabinoid A is that it is more energizing whereas the Phyto cannabinoid 600, the super Phyto cannabinoid 1800 and the capsules are much more calming and relaxing.   Many patients will use the more energizing raw Phyto-cannabinoid A in the daytime and use the 600, the 1800 or the capsules later in the day or at night to help them relax and sleep better. 

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CBD Supplements


Raw Phyto-Cannabinoid-A


Raw Phyto-Cannabinoid-A:

  • Super critical CO2 extraction method
  • Very little smell and very mild taste
  • No solvent remaining in the product (no butane or ethanol)
  • Our super concentrated hemp oil extract
  • Certified organic
  • Purified of heavy metals down to parts per billion
  • Assayed for 24 pesticides with negative results for all
  • Full Spectrum 2x Strength Ultra Pure
  • 600mg CBD Extract per bottle
  • 1:1 Ratio CBD:CBD-A
  • 20mg per 30 drops (1 dropper). 30 Doses per bottle.


FA Vit D3 5000 Capsules

Phyto-Cannabinoid 600: 

  • Super critical CO2 extraction method
  • The cleanest and purest tasting extract
  • No solvent remaining in the product (no butane or ethanol)
  • There is very little smell and very mild taste
  • Our super concentrated hemp oil extract
  • Certified organic
  • Purified of heavy metals down to parts per billion
  • Assayed for 24 pesticides with negative results for all
  • Full Spectrum 2x Strength Ultra Pure
  • 600mg Hemp Extract per bottle
  • 20mg per 30 drops (1 dropper). 30 Doses per bottle

 FA Triple Strenght Fish Oil


Super Phyto-Cannabinoid 1800: 

  • Super concentrated hemp oil extract
  • Critical CO2 extraction method
  • Certified organic
  • Purified of heavy metals down to parts per billion.
  • Assayed for 24 pesticides with negative results for all
  • No solvent remaining in the product (no butane or ethanol)
  • Cleanest and purest tasting extract
  • Very little smell and very mild taste
  • Full Spectrum 6 x Strength Ultra Pure
  • 1800mg Hemp Extract per bottle
  • 60mg per 30 drops (1 dropper)
  • 30 Doses per bottle



Ultra Flora Complete 40 FA 416x391


Phyto Cannabinoid Capsules:  

  • Super-concentrated hemp oil extract
  • Critical CO2 extraction method
  • Full Spectrum High Absorption Softgels
  • Certified organic
  • Purified of heavy metals down to parts per billion
  • No solvent remaining in the product (no butane or ethanol)
  • Cleanest and purest tasting extract
  • Assayed for 24 pesticides with negative results for all
  • 15 mg per softgel
  • Ultra-pure formula
  • Easy multiple daily dosing



Patient Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from an actual patient in my practice:
Hello Dr. Aieta,
I just wanted to send you a quick note on how I have been doing on your Super Phyto-Cannabinoid 1800, CBD supplement. As you recall when I came to see you I was having a very difficult time dealing with chronic anxiety as well as frequent insomnia.
In the past I was put on several different anti-anxiety medications and sleeping pills but found that the side effects from these meds were not worth it. 
After our first few meetings and per your dietary advice I did start noticing a slight reduction in my anxiety and sleep issues but when you added in the CBD supplement at our last visit I can honestly say, it was literally life changing! I take about 5-7 drops every morning and maybe 10-15 drops before bed. 
My sleep hasn’t been this good in as long as I can remember and I feel very calm and relaxed all day long. Thanks so much for recommending this treatment for me, I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me.
~Erin M.
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