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Full Spectrum CBD Oil & The Many Benefits With Proper Dosage For Naturopathic Patients

900w-Dr-Aieta-Naturopathic-Fromulas-Proper-Dosing Full Spectrum Hemp Oil & The Many Benefits With Proper Dosage For Naturopathic Patients
June's topic: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil & The Importance of Proper Dosing
Most of you reading this are very familiar with the various systems of the body such as the immune, nervous, endocrine, circulatory etc. There is one system in the body that more recently has been getting a lot more attention amongst those of us in the natural medicine professions.

It was less than a generation ago that a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) was discovered. This important system is actually an essential regulator of numerous bodily functions. In fact there is hardly any physiological process that is not affected by it to some degree. 

The name derives from the fact that the bodies of all higher animals harbor natural chemicals within that resemble in many respects the activity of THC (tetrahydracanabinol) and CBD oil (cannibidiol) - both of which are the Phyto-(plant) cannabinoids that are the main components in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

This plant is found in 2 forms, the first being marijuana or cannabis which is bred primarily for its high THC level, which has more of the psychoactive properties and the hemp plant which is used more in industry for food, paper, cloth, building materials and is low in THC but bred to be higher in the phyto-cannabinoid, CBD oil.

Researching Hemp Oil 

I've been studying and researching full spectrum hemp oil for several years now and more recently have started using it therapeutically in my practice with patients and I can say that that results that I'm seeing are nothing short of amazing.

Through my research, I’ve sifted through literally thousands of articles revealing the benefits of hemp oil derived from this miraculous plant. Some recent studies have shown hemp oil's benefit for treating teenage social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder in adults, and public speaking anxiety.

Studies also show CBD’s ability to improve sleep and reduce insomnia. There is also extensive research on the benefits of CBD on seizure activity as well as its benefits in alleviating pain and inflammation allowing people to reduce or even eliminate opiate based pain medications. 

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