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Respiratory Health Protocol Support

How do you determine etiology is behind the respiratory issue?

If someone presents with respiratory issues, the first thing is the proper diagnosis.

I obviously take a complete history and then do a focused physical exam which would include listening to the lungs and discuss any coexisting symptoms.

  1. Is the person dealing with an allergic component?

  2. Is it a seasonal type of thing, is it the spring time or fall?

  3. Is there some type of issue with environmental exposure?

  4. Do they have a runny nose?

  5. Do they have a fever?

  6. Are they coughing up phlegm?

  7. Have they been around people that were fighting off an infection?

Conducting an interview to learn about their clinical signs and symptoms will help determine what protocol is appropriate.


If it's seasonal, then we would address it as an allergic component, that's where the Aller-Relief would come into play.

Aller-Relief contains multiple ingredients

  • Nettle leaf extract, which has  anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine like properties.

  • Quercetin, which stabilizes the membranes of mast cells which reduces the release of preformed histamine in the body.

  • Bromelain which is an enzyme which reduces inflammation, and it works synergistically with the Quercetin.

  • And finally, there's NAC N-acetyl Cysteine that is found in the Aller-Relief product, which serves as viral support but also in situations where it may be a viral component that is then exacerbating an underlying allergy and the NAC will also serve to thin out mucus in the lungs.


If it's more of an infectious component, like a viral infection, or a bacterial infection, then we would treat it a little bit differently.

We would use herbs like olive leaf extract or oil of oregano oil.


In those regards, if it's an asthma type of issue that is related to exercise induced or changes in temperature, we would call this more reactive airways. In that type of situation, we would use magnesium to calm and relax the airways.

These are my natural supplements I formulated for supporting respiratory health protocols.

~ Dr. Frank Aietal

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