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Cholesterol Support with Natural TreatmentRSS

Ultimately, the best way to lower
LDL Cholesterol is through diet.

Understanding how carbs affect your tygliceride levels and the effect it has on your overall cholesterol health can be complicated. 


This is Dr. Aieta's simple explaination of how it's all related and what you can do naturally through diet to lower LDL Cholesterol.

Minimize Your Carbs

Minimize the amount of carbohydrates, starches and sugar in the diet for that person and put them on it. You know, figure out what their individualized carbohydrate tolerance is.

Managing Your Triglyceride Levels

I use the triglyceride level in the blood to kind of dictate a patient's carbohydrate tolerance.

When they're taking in too many carbs, you're gonna see an elevation and triglyceride levels, a reduction in good cholesterol and elevation in LDL cholesterol.

Carb Sweet Spot: HDL Goes Up. LDL Goes Down

When we put that person in a sweet spot of carbohydrates, we subsequently see triglycerides go down HDL cholesterol go up and LDL levels go down.

These natural supplements can aid in the whole LDL cholesterol reduction process.

My natural supplements are an adjunct to a low carbohydrate diet or determining your carbohydrate tolerance.

You wouldn't do these as a standalone. You do these in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes.

These products can have an effect, but they're not going to be optimal until you implement a diet along with it.

~ Dr. Frank Aieta